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For 35 years we have been hiding safes and have never had a loss. Even if you have a security system, your home is not protected. A thief can break into your home, steal your valuables, and be gone in minutes- long before the police arrive Over 350 of our clients have been burglarized and many of their homes destroyed by fire, but their most valuable possessions remained secure in their hidden safes.

These secret safes have been put to the test. Many burglars as well as police experts have searched properties with our hidden safes and they never found even one! This works! Remember, "If they can't find it, they can't steal it".


Vent Safes


It is estimated that there are over a trillion air vents in the U.S. With this in mind, the Air Vent Secret Compartment blends in well in any home. Air Vents can be used in any room in the house.

Installation is easy. Installs in walls with studs 16” on center or greater. Installs in minutes with simple tools!

A quarter turn fastener is hidden in the louvers. Turn it a 1/4 turn and the vent assembly opens like a drawbridge revealing the Secret compartment. The air vent secret compartment comes completely assembled with 2 removable shelves, and 4 fasteners. Simply cut a hole in the drywall or paneling using a razor knife or hacksaw blade and put 4 screws in and you’re finished!


You can also have fun customizing the inside of your Air Vent Secret Compartment!

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Air Vent Secret Compartment    Price: $259.95 + $15 Shipping Cost