For 35 years we have been hiding safes and have never had a loss. Even if you have a security system, your home is not protected. A thief can break into your home, steal your valuables, and be gone in minutes- long before the police arrive Over 350 of our clients have been burglarized and many of their homes destroyed by fire, but their most valuable possessions remained secure in their hidden safes.

These secret safes have been put to the test. Many burglars as well as police experts have searched properties with our hidden safes and they never found even one! This works! Remember, "If they can't find it, they can't steal it".

Welcome to Hidden Safes!

Hidden Safes, Inc. has designed and installed over 3,800 hidden safes all over the United States. Our safes range in size from as small as a jewelry box to as big as a room in your house. Our expert hidden safe technicians do all the work. We sub contract out no part of any job. When your installation is finished, it's a first class hidden safe - just like in the movies!

The first step is to decide how big your hidden safe needs to be so we can give you an estimate. Do you need a SMALL SAFE to hide jewelry, cash, papers and other small items, or do you need a LARGER SAFE to protect silverware, art, gun collections or other large items?

Hidden Safes

Hidden Safes, Inc. provides personal protection in a very unique way. The "Safe Room" is designed so that people can hide inside if there is an emergency. IMAGINE HAVING a safe big enough to hold everything dear to you that you can also use as a "safe room" in your home to hide in. Safe room options can include remote cell phones, escape doors, oxygen source, fireproofing. lighting, battery back-ups and digital locks.

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